Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saturday shopping

Hi Guys, 
Happy weekend! I have just got back from doing some shopping so thought I'd do a quick post showing you what I bought! I didn't go too crazy in the shops but I did manage to buy enough to write about!

Firstly I went into Zara and where I live the shop didn't have as much 'new in' as the website but I did find a few things i couldn't leave without ! 
The first was in the knit section it has a leather look front and a knitted back, i thought it would go perfectly with the infamous zara skort everyone has been rocking lately (which i have in white!) 
The second thing was a t-shirt from their TRF section, i saw it in white online and thought the french writing on it would look so cute with some denim shorts and converse but in the shop they had it in navy blue with pink writing which i loved even more. 
Lastly, i bought the skort which i already have in white in black too.
I just  couldn't leave it, i love wearing my white one and there is nothing that won't go with this!

Next up is H&M where I saw so much new stuff but there was nothing left in my size although I did manage to find this amazing charcoal grey jumpsuit with cut out shoulders and gathered ankles. I have also recently heard about their make up brush collection so i picked up a couple to try out.

Just before I left this morning an ASOS package arrived with a pair of sandals that I forgot I had ordered in it, I'm not sure if i like them yet and may end up sending them back but let me know what you guys think! 

Leave me a comment if you think i should I keep them or not?!

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  1. I adore jumpsuits! And this one is absolutely stunning! <3

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  2. Awesome post
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  4. Wow! Really love the sandals! Following you on Bloglovin and hope you follow back :)

  5. I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award, please refer back to my blog for more details!

    Georgie x

  6. hey sweetie
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  7. hey doll,
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  8. Great picks! Don't you hate that? Seeing a lot of great stuff but not in your size? Great blog!