Sunday, 4 August 2013

Nike Blazers

Hi Guys!

So, I'm not really a trainers kind of girl but 2 weeks ago I bought my first pair of Nike blazers, I don't normally wear trainers but I have seen so many people wearing these and looking really cool that I couldn't not have them for myself! I must have been deciding on a colour to buy for a good half an hour and probably tried on about 10 pairs and annoyed all the staff in the shop (woopss!) ...but I finally narrowed it down to 2 and just my luck they had none in my size so I had to order them!

Anyway, the 2 I chose were the black and neon pink high tops and the orange/coral with a rhinestone tick! These are my absolute fave pair I have seen! I've had to wait 2 weeks to collect them and already cannot wait to wear them, look out for my ootd's this week to see how I style them!

Leave me a comment with some ideas of how you think I should wear them! 



  1. cool shoes! <3
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    .never settle for less.

  2. AHHH! Ive just got onto these! I didnt buy high tops though! I bought white blue and pink! I want to wear them with a sports jersey! Loving this look at the moment!!!xxxx