Friday, 2 August 2013

Lush Lip Scrub

Hey Guys!

Recently I have been addicted to watching Youtube beauty guru's and after looking at them all raving about products I have decided to try some out myself! First on my list is the the Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush, everyone and their mother seems to have it so obviously I had to get it too!

I bought this last week and have only just got round to trying it out and oh my god... it is AMAAAY-ZZZING! 

You only need the tiniest amount and rub it on your lips for as long as it takes to mostly dissolve (or as long as it takes for you to lick it off, it's delish!). It leaves your lips soft and smooth and is an amazing base to apply lipstick onto.

Bubblegum lip scrub - £5.25 Lush


  1. its amazing stuff this isn't it!!
    Do you eat it all when you apply it though?? Tastes TOOO good! hahaha

  2. I love this lip scrub! Not such a fan of the mint one, but this one is so delicious!


  3. Yaayy I've got this as well! I have this flavour and another one that I think might be popcorn or something? They're so delicious :D


  4. Nice blog hun!
    I've tried this before and love it. The popcorn flavour is my favourite xx