Friday, 11 October 2013

Vogue Fashions Night Out in Manchester

Last night was Vogue's FNO in Manchester and I was lucky enough go to it with my friend Alex (you can check out her blog post here!) There were photographers taking street style pictures and models walking around everywhere! The shops were full of people socialising, eating and drinking. Selfridges had really cool popcorn, candy floss and snow cone machines that so many people were queueing up for, they looked delish!

Selfridges had balloons decorating the shop floor and even a spray tanning booth! There was a photo booth where designers had set times and you could meet them.. we managed to see Henry Holland and Christopher Kane which was pretty cool!

Ted Baker had a really unusual creative space inside the shop where 2 illustrators were painting portraits of people onto tote bags which they could take home with them! The queue was soooo long or else I would have loved to have this done!
Topshop was fun! There was a 'pucker up' booth where you could kiss a postcard and it was placed on a wall on a collage with everybody else's who had done it!

Selfridges and Harvey Nichols had some displays with amazing vintage outfits on them.
Some of these dresses were over 50 years old and were embellished so much you can't imagine wearing them because of how heavy they were!!

Just before we left we had a quick look in Chanel, they had so many amazing things in there even the lego cluch I mentions in an older post! Their necklaces on display were so niceee, they had them in glass cabinets and and hanging on the walls!
I had such a fun night and am so glad it was in Manchester this year, maybe next year I can go to it in London, or whichever city they decide to have it in!
I loved this Acne jacket and Trilby! .

Sandro gift bags and an incredible Chanel coat.

In all the different departments there were +British Vogue 'reccomends' tags on things that they love and had featured in their magazine recently!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you were there too!
Rohini x


  1. Very intresting pic...
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  2. Your pictures are wonderful, looks like you had an aaaaamazing time :) i'm so so so jealous, I wish I could have gone. haha. glad you enjoyed it :)