Saturday, 5 October 2013

Home fashion | amazing houses

Hi guys, 
This is my second post in my 'Home fashion' series, I love doing these and hope you like reading them!

Who wouldn't love to live in a big house that has been amazingly decorated with a pool and huge garden? I know I would! 

I have recently followed quite a few interior blogs that post all things fashionable for home inspo and beautiful houses. If you follow my Tumblr  you will have seen I have got a little bit too excited over these and my blog has been taken over by incredible views,  huge houses and interiors rather than my usual fashion posts, woopsy!

Here are some of the incredible houses I have found that I would LOOOVE to live in! Maybe one day!

This round house is one of my faves, imagine a pool going all the way around your house!


Thanks for reading if you made it this far!!

Rohini x

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  1. I can't pick a favorite! They're all amazing! :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely